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Today we will take you to play the game. Playing in a shower Play equipment Use Chinese chess or Chinese chess. Selected specifically, referring to Khun Sue, meaning military, mean Chang, refer to the location and vehicles, referring to horses and mother and mother, refer to artillery There are two colors, black and red. Both are used in red. Six colors each, for a total of twelve. The word “Kyu Kyi” is a Chinese word Chaozhou, which translates directly to twelve.
How to play

  1. The organizer of playing will switch cards (Or switch Chinese chess) and put one in the box or place it on top
  2. Customers will place bets according to numbers, numbers, or numbers as they wish.
  3. When showing a card, if the dealer spits the wrong bet The bet was paid ten times as much.
  4. Two straight bets, pay five times as much. Bet on 3 wagons, paying three times as much as possible And bet on 4 lots, twice as much as possible The play is tricky or modified If there are a number of cards And similar methods are counted as offenses according to List A.
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